Publication List

Short Stories


Published in

“The Mountain”

The Quarterly, Summer 1987, New York

“Miracles in America”

The Quarterly, Winter 1987, New York

“Via delle Rose”

The Quarterly, Spring 1988, New York

“In Amber”

The Quarterly, Spring 1989, New York

“My Boy’s Girl”

The Quarterly, Winter 1989, New York


Bellevue Literary Review Vol. 15, No 2, New York


The Quarterly, Winter 1994, New York

“Peaches and Plums”

Ploughshares Winter, 1994-5, Boston

“The Original”

The American Voice. Vol.38, 1995 Louisville

“The Bride’s Secret”

Redbook August ,1996, New York


Yale Review April, 1996, New Haven

“Invitation to a Voyage”

The Antioch Review Summer, 1996, Yellow Springs

“On the Money”

The Columbia Review 1996, New York


The Massachusetts Review Spring,1997, Amherst


The Yale Review October, 1998, New Haven

“Water Baby”

New Letters Vol. 64 No I, Kansas City

“Bells on her toes”

American Scholar, 2012, Washington, D.C

“Magic Man”

The Yale Review, 2012, New Haven


Long Island Noir, 2012, New York

“Rings on her fingers”

The American Scholar, Summer 2012


Fiction no. 58 2012

“Magic Man”

Yale Review 2012

“The Kindness of Strangers,”

Yale Review 2013

“Nothing Matters but Matter”

Ellery Queen mystery magazine December 2016

“The Darling”

Ellery Queen (in press)

“The Real Thing”

The Yale Review 2016 Vol. 104

“On Watching Breaking Bad”

Salmagundi Summer 2017

“Fantasy and Reality: Getting Revenge in Fiction”

Paris Review’s blog,  2017


New Letters Vol 84 2017/18

“My Mother’s Gift”

The American Scholar Summer 2018

“One Girl”

The Antioch Review 2018

“The Nanny”

Subtropics spring/summer 2018

“Monsieur Andre”

Fiction summer 2018

“Miss Martin”

“Cutting Edge” edited by Joyce Carol Oates ( in Press)

“The Teacher”

Salmagundi ( coming in Spring 2019)

“How to create a convincing and interesting character”

Agni’s blog 2019


Title Published in
“Rain Check” New Letters Vol. 66 No. 3, Kansas City


Paris Review Winter 1997-8, New York


Bomb Fall 1998, Denville

“Underworld” Yale Review October,2000, New Haven.
“Paris by Night”

Paris Review Fall, 2001, New York


The Ontario Review Fall/Winter2000/2001, Princeton

“The Adulterous Woman”

DoubleTake Fall, 2001, Somerville

“Death in Rome”

The Antioch Review Vol. 59, Winter 2000, Yellow Spring

“Arequipe and Smoke”

Fiction Vol. 17 No. 1, New York


Five Points summer, 2001, Atlanta “Pithiviers” Fiction Vol. 15 No I, New York

“Lunch with Mother”

Yale Review


Ontario Review Press Princeton


Boulevard, St. Louis

“The Transitional Object”

“Night at the Grand Hotel”


“Heart Attack”




“Musical Chairs”

Boulevard and The O’Henry Prize Stories, 2007

Ontario Review, spring-summer, 2008

The American Scholar, summer 2008

Boulevard, spring, 2009

Salmagundi, spring-summer 2009

Fiction magazine summer 2010

Subtropics spring 2010

Boulevard, St. Louis, spring 2010



Published by

Once We Were Sisters

Penguin, January 2017



Published by

“The Perfect Place”

Knopf 1989, New York And in England by Jonathan Cape 1990 And in translation in French, Japanese, German and Portuguese

“The House on R Street”

Knopf 1994, New York


Zoland 1999, Boston And in England by Bloomsbury 2000 And in translation in French, Dutch and Hebrew.

“The Children of Pithiviers”

Zoland 2001, Boston Steerforth And in paper with The Other Press 2006


Ontario Review Press 2004 Princeton and in paper with The Other Press 2007

“Bluebird or the Invention of Happiness”

“Becoming Jane Eyre”

“Love Child”

Other Press, 2006,  New York,
Viking, Penguin,  2009, New YorkViking Penguin, (in press)

The Bay of Foxes

Penguin, 2012

Dreaming for Freud

Penguin, July 2014



Published by

“Miracles In America”

Knopf 1990, New York

“One Girl”

Helicon Nine 1998, Kansas City

“Stories from Another World”

Ontario Review Press 2003 Princeton



Published by


In Unleashed 1994, New York


O’Henry Prize for “The Mountain” 1989

Open Voice Prize for “Ambush” 1991

Willa Cather Prize for “One Girl” 1998

(Nominated ) Impac Award for “Cracks” 2001

Antioch Review Prize for work in that magazine 2004

O.Henry Prize for “The Transitional Object” 2007

Magic Man” – Best American Short Stories 2013


Title Published in

O’Henry Prize Stories


Best American Stories ( “Africans”)


KGB Reader (“Cracks”)


O’Henry Prize Stories


Contemporary American Short Fiction. Selected by Joyce Carol Oates, Ecco Press


Love you to Pieces. Edited by Suzanne Kamata, Beacon


Because I love her edited by Andrea Richesin


New Jersey Noir


Long Island Noir


“Finding the Love Child” in “What my mother gave me” edited by Elizabeth Benedict.



Title Recorded at


Symphony Space and for Best American Short Stories 1999


Title Recorded at

“The Book That Changed My Life: Part Two”

The Connection (NPR)


Title Published in

“In different guises, the stories that occur and recur”

Boston Globe 1995

“An enchanting house of ideas”

The New Leader 2002 ( Review of Milan Kundera)

Review of Margot Livesey

Bomb magazine

Colette and Moravia

Bomb magazine

“Can you hear me”

O Magazine 2004

“What Dante Knew”

New Letters 2005


Salmagundi 2004

Introductory essay on Richard Ford

3×33 Short Fiction by 33 Writers 2005

“This is where the dog comes in”


“Free to Read”


“When we two parted” in “Crush” edited by Nicki Richesin

“Love Child”

“I always write of you a profile of sheila kohler”

In the Modern Love column in the Style Section of the New York Times and in the London Telegraph. April 2006

The Bellevue Literary Magazine, 2007

Poets and Writers , summer 2007

Harlequin, 2011

Salmagundi 2012

by Therese Eiben

Three essays on Freud

Yale Review, Boulevard and New Letters 2014


The American Scholar Autumn 2014

“The Other Woman”

The American Scholar 2015