Library Journal – Stories From Another World

Acclaimed South African author Kohler (Cracks) again proves her extraordinary insight into human emotions triggered by sudden events and chance encounters. Examining how we often hurt those we love most, her 12 stories involve ordinary people in a variety of geographic places, many of whom cannot move on with their lives for a variety of reasons. Thus, a woman’s 14-year-old daughter is thrown from a horse while the mother is with her lover; an immature, pregnant bride-to-be picks up a stranger, who steals her new car; a female teacher makes advances toward a young girl being disciplined at boarding school; and a young man’s mother tries to entice him to continue living at home.

Many of the stories involve erotic situations, and adultery is a recurring theme. Although often somewhat dark, the situations pique the reader’s interest because the stories are so well told. Recommended.-Ellen R. Cohen, Rockville, MD Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.